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A Poet in Residence

In these unchartered times predicting what the future may hold on a global scale seems nigh on impossible, leaving most of us dealing with unexpected circumstances and changes of plan.

Certainly, this was true for our friend Dom who, a few weeks hence, was making his way from Costa Rica to Germany to launch his book – Rite of Passage. Winner of the National Poetry Competition in 2017, among a number of other high profile literary prizes, Dom spent the last 10 years birthing his first collection of poems which were then published in April of this year. The collection speaks of the way humans relate with the natural world and what it means to be alive on a planet that is seemingly in a state of upheaval and crisis that we are all living through.

Despite research to the contrary he learned on arrival at the airport that Germany had closed its borders. A few deep breaths later and with options of detouring to Spain or Greece quickly ruled out, he unexpectedly found himself on a plane back home to the UK.

As luck would have it our Lime Kilns just happened to be available so after a 2 week quarantine in Bath and a drive down to Devon, he joined us here to launch the book online from Hadlow. And what an event it was!

On Thursday 15th April 300 of us sat around our zoom screens to hear heart and mind opening talks, readings and music to celebrate this important work being out in the world.

See link below for recording:

It has been lovely to see him again and to have him staying with us, and really quite exciting to host a book launch from here (a first for us too!). What’s more, having spent time in this beautiful place he is now planning to run writing retreats here in early 2022 to help people find their own innate creativity and connection with nature.

For those interested in exploring this and keeping up with all the amazing things this human is doing check out his website:

In the meantime, we will be making sure we get our copies signed by the man himself and otherwise enjoying having our very own poet in residence.


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