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Chaos to Order, Between the Sheets

Updated: Nov 1

There is an undeniable pattern in life of constant change, of the momentum of one thing transitioning to become another over and over again.

We need look no further than our own homes to see this in motion. The kitchen floor gets mopped, for example, then almost immediately the dogs set about ‘uncleaning’ it, making full use of mud from the garden to deftly transform the squeaky clean floor tiles to a different condition altogether. The state of the kitchen after 2 hours of Sunday roast preparation, and the10 minutes of eating, compared to its original condition, yeh. With hints of absurdity the list goes on…and on…from chaos to order, back to chaos...back to order.

So why do we do it? For the love of it...? Well, yes! Precisely. For the love of dogs (!), roast dinners and clean homes, however short lived.

In the same vein we see the cycle of ‘chaos to order’ when preparing the bed linen for guests to stay in the Lime Kilns.

Yes, of course it is done as an essential part of our hospitality but, almost unbelievably, it too is done…for the love of it.

Weird, admittedly, but believe it or not the love here is two-fold.

First off, the activity itself allows one, indeed requires one to mono-task. Be still the call to rush around trying to do everything at once. No! When one engages one’s Super Mega Press (it is actually called that) to iron bed linen for our holiday-let, a golden opportunity arises to enjoy the calmness of a measured pace and a mindfulness of movement to carry out the one task at hand (that is not to say that the odd box set can’t be enjoyed simultaneously every now and then). Add to this the sheer satisfaction of that in-tray to out-tray, job done feeling and what is not to love?!

NB: determined avoidance of minor burns whilst ironing can also help cultivate a focussed mind



So satisfying!

Secondly, who does not love the feeling of reclining into freshly cleaned bed sheets at the end of the day?! Thinking here of guests who have travelled, often from afar, to the veritable sanctuary of Hadlow, setting their weary heads down to rest on clean and crisp pillow cases. Walking Devon walkers rustling into the cool whiteness after a satisfying day of walking; Green Heart Devon retreatants all mindfully drawing their lovingly prepared bedding up over their chins and snuggling into bed after a heart-warming day of practice. Hmmmmmm. Cue uber smug smile of contentment meeting comfort.

With the National Sleep Foundation linking freshly washed sheets to better sleep (because of the fresh smelling scent), and a recent Bupa commissioned survey of the ‘Top 50 Things that Feel Great’ polling ‘Sleeping in a freshly made bed’ at No.1 (No.1!!), the merits of fresh sheets clearly cannot be understated.

And so, the big wheel of 'chaos to order' keeps on turning, cycling and recycling with love between the sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases…so fragrant, so crisp and so clean. Hmmmmmm.


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